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MedITech implements a “Teaching Factory 4.0” which is capable of:

  • preparing informative material and promoting disclosure of initiatives on technologies and solutions in the 4.0 Industry, in close collaboration with the Digital Innovation Hubs that are active within the territories of reference:
  • plan and deliver training for all professional activities of the various corporate functions, with specific and diversified training profiles, capable of promoting the achievable improvements and areas of intervention in the various production sectors;
  • to offer interested companies an innovation process by using pilot systems for testing and verifying 4.0 solutions. The systems respond to the need to examine the performance of technologically mature solutions under realistic conditions and on a significant scale.

The reference methodology recognizes the centrality of the “learning by doing” training activity and takes its cue from the “teaching factory” and “learning factory” models already adopted in many cutting-edge experiences in Europe.