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MedITech implements innovation, industrial research and experimental development projects proposed by companies, including those of collaboration between them, preferentially characterized by a sufficiently high starting Technology Readiness Level (TRL), normally at least equal to 5. The aim is to complete the development of technologies and production processes of which there is already evidence of feasibility, at least at a prototype level.

MedITech focuses its attention on companies, especially SMEs, already interested in innovation processes or that positively resonate with actions to stimulate the demand for innovation produced by the company itself. To these companies MedITech intends to offer, first of all, consultancy and technological support in terms of assessment of the level of digital maturity and staff training on the characteristics and potential of 4.0 enabling technologies.

MedITech provides the same companies with technology transfer services, being equipped with suitable skills and assets, including workshops (Fab-Lab) 4.0 and Pilot Factory 4.0, for the realization of innovation, industrial research and experimental development projects within the 4.0 Industry.